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Antonio Vivaldi

14 березня викладач миузично-теоретичних дисциплін Утіна А. М.

розповіла учням 11 класу з/ш №13 про великого італійського композитора Антоніо Вівальді.

Лекція відбулась на англійській мові в рамках лекторію "Speak about music" 

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This year marks the 340th anniversary of birth.

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678-1741) was a Venetian composer in the baroque era. Vivaldi was born on 4th March 1678 in the Republic of Venice, today part of Italy. 

For such an outstanding composer, relatively little is known about Vivaldi's life beyond the fact that he was born and raised in Venice. T

After the series of artistic triumphs, Vivaldi increasingly applied for leave of absence to travel extensively in Italy and further abroad. There was a period of time  the Governor of Mantua. While in Mantua he met a singer, Anna Giraud, who later appeared as the soprano lead in many of his operas. Their relationship remained close and Anna, together with her sister; often acted as his traveling companions.

The most famous sets of concertos – Opus 3 and Opus 8, the latter including the Four Seasons – contain the richness and freshness of Vivaldi's invention at its early and middle peaks. The Opus 3 L'Estro Armonico concertos are greatly varied in terms of the combination of solo instrumentation (there are also a number in the concerti grossi style), while Opus 8 reflects a peak in terms of Vivaldi's marvelous ear for the sounds of nature, as well as his ability to convert what he sees around him into musical phrases.

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