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Norwegian violinist and composer Ole Bull

19 лютого 2020 року викладач Утіна А.М. провела лекцію

«210 years since the birth of Norwegian violinist and composer Ole Bull»

(1810 – 1880)

для учнів 8-Б класу з/ш №13

в рамках англомовного лекторію  “Speak about music”.

                     Ole-Bull Ole-Bull-statue-Bergen

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Ole Bornemann Bull, (born Feb. 5, 1810, Bergen, Nor.—died Aug. 17, 1880, Lysøen, near Bergen), Norwegian violinist, composer, and nationalist known for his unique performance method.

Bull began playing the violin at age five. His debut as a soloist came in 1819, and by 1828 he was made conductor of the Musical Lyceum. He traveled through Europe and the United States for the rest of his life, concertizing, composing, and establishing his virtuosic reputation among such notables as Franz Liszt, Robert Schumann, and Felix Mendelssohn. Using a violin modeled after Norwegian folk fiddles, but resembling standard European instruments of previous centuries, Bull amazed audiences with his ability to play several tones at once. Most of his compositions are tailored to reflect his unique manner of playing.

Bull used his influence to campaign for the encouragement and preservation of Norwegian culture and arts, both in Norway and abroad. In 1849 he was instrumental in the establishment of the Norwegian Theatre in Bergen.

 In 1852 he attempted to found an immigrant Norwegian colony, Oleana, in Pennsylvania, and in 1859 he helped create the Norwegian Society for the Advancement of the National Element in Art and Literature.

He was a vital influence upon and patron of dramatists Henrik Ibsen and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson and composer Edvard Grieg.

In addition to accolades from musicians, Bull received tributes from writers such as George Sand, William Thackeray, and Mark Twain.

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