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Robert Miles

6.11.2019 викладач теоретичних дисциплін Утіна А.М. провела лекцію для учнів з/ш №13

"50 years since the birth of theItalian DJ and composer Robert Miles"

в рамках англомовного лекторію "Speak about music"


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Italian DJ and composer, who worked in various genres of electronic music, one of the most famous authors of the Dream House style. World-famous Robert Miles brought the song "Children". From childhood, Miles played the piano and later began working as a DJ. Worked in Italian clubs starting from 1988.

In 1994, Miles created his most famous work, the song "Children". Within two weeks after the official release in 1995,  more than 350 thousand copies were sold throughout Europe; composition topped the charts of many countries. The record received platinum status in the UK and Germany and gold in many other countries.

Robert's next single was “Fable.” Miles' debut album, Dreamland, released in 1996, is very successful in Europe, a few days later in the United States released an extended version of it featuring a cover of “One and One”, the vocals of which belong to Maria Neiler. This song is gaining popularity and is being released as a single in the United States and Great Britain. Dreamland album goes platinum.

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