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Lecture for the pupils of the school #13

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Pyotr Tchaikovsky  loved Ukraine and spent here his summers. His first visit to Ukraine was in 1864. He was studying at Petersburg Conservatory. His holidays he spent in Trostyanets, where he wrote symphonic composition "The Thunderstorm." Here he found a friend – Mikola Kondratiev, who invited Peter to visit Slobodjanshina and Podilla.

Every year Tchaikovski visited these places and wrote near 30 compositions there using Ukrainian folk music. Many compositions he wrote in the village Nyzy near Sumy in the estate of  Mikola Kondratiev. In collaboration with poets Ivan Surikov and Lev May, the composer wrote works on translations from Taras Shevchenko's poems "Navgorodi kolo brodu" - the duet  and "Sadok vyshnevyi kolo haty" - the romance "Vechir".

It is interesting that Mykola Lysenko also wrote music to these works of Shevchenko. It is hard to name the works written by Tchaikovsky in Kamyanets: "Italian capriccio", "Orleans maiden", "Sleeping beauty", "Serenade for string orchestra" ...In the spring of 1878, Tchaikovsky received an invitation to come to Brailov - and immediately agreed.

And in the summer of 1881 in Braille lived the young French musician Claude Debussy who was invited as a home pianist. The acquaintance with the family von Mecca was extremely important in his life: after all, everything created by  Peter Tchaikovsky, sounded in this palace. Debussy remembered that.

In the last year of his life Tchaikovsky conducted his symphonies in major cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa. In 1890 Tchaikovsky visited Mykola Lysenko in Kyiv and listened to his opera "Taras Bulba". The first balley  ever showed in Ukraine  was “The swan lake” by Tchaikovskiy.

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